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Assignments & Work

Here in the library you can use these selected resources that I have found usefull in my design work. 1.A Report on the benefits of transportation types – Infrastructure Planning (204kb) 2.West End Project reviewed – Planning Process (53kb) 3.Corinda Civic Centre – Social & Cultural relations (169kb) 4.Sir Patrick Geddes – History of the […]

Civic Planning

Planning is something everybody does. Planning seems to have been on a journey to find itself within the academic and societal structures within our society from when we’ve starred to develop plans for our town and cities. I had been the domain of other professions like Architecture, Engineering and even an Administrative arm of some […]

Common Planning Elements

What is the natural ‘hit list’ of themes / topics of planning? I think it should cover: Built Environment Heights, building mass, density, layout, character, road types, road surfaces, character. Natural Environment Water courses, parks, open spaces, recreation areas, character. Social Environment Social nodes, business activity areas, cultural facilities, entertainment districts, character. Transport Environment Road […]

HOPSCA? What is it?

Land uses are assigned or designated within a zonal system of land use management that allows for an efficient and orderly arrangement of compatible land uses, delivery of infrastructure (like EC for Emerging Community zones in City Plan (Brisbane City Council, 2014b)) and provide an interestingly diverse urban fabric that changes with the evolution of […]


I have been interested in architecture ever since I was a young child. I drew up floor plans of my room and created corridors and smaller rooms on my own floorplan. I kept one of the first floorplans I did when I was seven years old. It was for a artist house that had a […]

Experiential Engagement – An analysis in terms of Planning and the community

Do these people pictured represent the community or are they users of this place? Are they free riders that just use the place and the community pays for it? The community not only deserves to have a say in their future, they can make a valuable contribution through their detailed understanding of the place. We […]