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HOPSCA? What is it?

Land uses are assigned or designated within a zonal system of land use management that allows for an efficient and orderly arrangement of compatible land uses, delivery of infrastructure (like EC for Emerging Community zones in City Plan (Brisbane City Council, 2014b)) and provide an interestingly diverse urban fabric that changes with the evolution of …


Thesis Proposal: A case study into the relevance and application of HOPSCA in the urban context of Brisbane. By Kari Sinkko   Abstract HOPSCA has been coined as “a city within a city”. HOPSCA is a form of mixed use planning born out of the China development boom of the 1990s. HOPSCA is an acronym …

Online Course

This is an introduction to Civic Planning and HOPSCA. HOPSCA is known to be a combination of Hotels, Offices, Park-lands, Shopping, Convention Centre and Apartments and this introductory course is intended to make better understand it’s context within civic planning.

Assignments & Work

Here in the library you can use these selected resources that I have found usefull in my design work. 1.A Report on the benefits of transportation types – Infrastructure Planning (204kb) 2.West End Project reviewed – Planning Process (53kb) 3.Corinda Civic Centre – Social & Cultural relations (169kb) 4.Sir Patrick Geddes – History of the …