Assignments & Work

Here in the library you can use these selected resources that I have found usefull in my design work.

1.A Report on the benefits of transportation types – Infrastructure Planning (204kb)

2.West End Project reviewed – Planning Process (53kb)

3.Corinda Civic Centre – Social & Cultural relations (169kb)

4.Sir Patrick Geddes – History of the Built Environment (83kb)

5.The Success of Resource Management – Intro to Regional Economics (258kb)

6. Gentrification – Population & Urban Studies (1,047kb)

7. Urban Design Project 3 – Urban Design (9,937kb)

8. Jacobs Ladder – site analysis – Introduction to Design  (8,189kb)

9. How the GFC changed Monetary & Fiscal Policy – Economics  (395kb)

10. HOPSCA thesis – Regional Planning (1.1mb)