I have enjoyed taking photographs of my environment, and sometimes I get self conscious about it. I see elements, shapes, forms, open space. When I get captured by something, I don’t truly understand why. I see something, in the environment, and I act upon it.

Camera Details

I use a Pentax Kx.

Past Camera Details

I used a Fuji FinePix s1500.

Since this camera is now getting old (2009) I’ve seen them sold at around the $90 mark, which is a fantastic price. I like it’s gun styled grip, it does chew through batteries but if you use the viewfinder you might get around 200 shots. I use a 4gb SDHC card in it and have never filled it up (800 or so photos). If you are looking around for a camera, that is SLR like, but don’t have the cash or trust someone with using a $500+ camera, this would be the one to get as I’ve found it a great compact camera.


The camera doesn’t seen to have many accessories associated with it mainly becuase of the fixed lens style of camera.


I’m in the process of adapting it to use filters. The lens diameter is 46.03mm so I should be able to use a 46 to 52 adapter, then screw in any 52 filters.


I use an Inca tripod which is light and has a quick release for taking the tripod on and off.


I haven’t found an appropriate sized case, mainly because of the gun grip style, so I’ve just put it into my bag.