Places can be made from cues further afar.

I’ve thought about why place do not meld into the landscape, it is because we objectify buildings with the spirit, their own personality one that shines brighter without any consequence of context. If we create places, we need to find elements to blend in with the environment than to monumentalise a location. Not every place needs to be a monument, otherwise we end up with a complex and diverse language of space.

From my birthplace, a house designed possibly by Harry Seidler in a housing commission concrete bunker embellished with conventional housing elements, I have observed my landscape and everything around me. From how tracks in the electric power line corridor mean’t that people used it as a pedestrian path, to how people sat in train stations close to others but not so far that they sat in isolation. How we use the term negative space but isn’t negative space the place that people are? Now can the void of structure be negative?

A holistic approach to design is needed to understand what is set in place, in one way we need to develop patterns that allow us to better analyse our sites. it’s not a matter of creating buildings for design sake, but to design places that buildings are a part of the landscape, they do not live in isolation.

A city is not a tree in relation to city as landscape. This analogy is awesome as it creates a dialogue towards the system that we have created (the city) to the idea of organised chaos that is the landscape. But you don’t design something without the user in mind. There’s no point of creating something that is superfluous to the order of things and the physicality of construction essentially designs a wholesale and mass production of a product, like suburbs than a cultivation of a node of enterprise, like a village.

People and the community need to be the driver of place/space. Otherwise they do not use it and it decays and becomes a mistake. People die and move on, the place needs to adapt to the new wave of users. So a robustness of place needs to be considered than a fashionable and pleasing design.

The design needs to be timeless.